WA Labor candidate for Bunbury Don Punch has criticised the Liberal Party’s decision to again promise a “step-up, step-down” mental health facility in Bunbury, despite failing to deliver on the nearly identical commitment they made four years ago.

The Liberals had promised a $3million, 10-bed sub acute mental health facility for Bunbury in February 2013.

Their mental health policy document stated:
A re-elected Liberal Government will continue its commitment to support people with a mental illness by allocating $6.2million to develop two further sub-acute facilities in Karratha and Bunbury. Work will commence on these facilities in 2013-14, with a total of $2.8million per annum to provide on-site services.

The Liberal-National Government has failed to make any tangible progress after another term of government.

Comments from WA Labor candidate for Bunbury Don Punch:

“It’s incredibly cynical to break such an important commitment then just re-promise it at the next election, hoping the community will forget,” Mr Punch said.

“Bunbury people are just sick of these cynical political games and I’m appalled that the Liberal-National Government has seen fit to again raise the hopes of mental health patients in our South-West.

“This is yet another example of the Liberal-National Government taking the Bunbury community for granted.”

“The Bunbury community has been put to the back of queue for too long by the Barnett-Grylls government. They have spent up big everywhere else, especially on big Perth projects at the expense of critical community services in our South-West,” he said.

“I just don’t know how Colin Barnett and Brendan Grylls expect Bunbury people to take the Liberal-National government seriously on mental health.

“Any Liberal-National promise to build a new mental health facility is not worth the paper it’s written on.

“You can’t trust the Liberals or Nationals on their election promises. Their broken promise to build the step up, step down facility proves it.

Mr Punch said that Bunbury needed representation with integrity.

“I firmly believe politicians need to be upfront with the people and deliver on what they say they will. That’s the approach I’m taking.”