Poor planning sees millions wasted on transportable classrooms

 Barnett Liberal Government spends $70million in just over two years on transportable classrooms
 That is the equivalent of around 104 state-of-the-art new classrooms
 29 transportable classrooms in use in Bunbury schools

New figures have revealed that the Barnett Liberal Government’s poor planning has seen more than 29 transportable classrooms in use in Bunbury schools.

The figures reveal that the Liberals have failed to plan and build the schools needed to cater for WA’s growing population.

Dalyellup Primary School currently has 11 transportable classrooms on site and Tuart Forest Primary School has two transportable classrooms despite having opened just four years ago.

Comments from Don Punch, Labor candidate for Bunbury

“Dalyellup Primary School has 11 transportable classrooms – this is unacceptable and demonstrates the Barnett Liberal Government’s lack of commitment to education in Bunbury.

“The fact that Tuart Forest Primary School already needs transportable classrooms when it only opened in 2013 is a clear demonstration the Barnett Liberal Government is not planning for the future of Bunbury schools.

“Too many transportable classrooms encroach on student’s play space and do not have infrastructure such as extra toilets and walkways.

Comments from WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan:

“After eight long years in government these figures show the Liberals have dropped the ball when it comes to even the basics of our public education system - building classrooms.

“When I was Education Minister we were building six primary schools a year, but over the last two years the Liberals have only budgeted for three new primary schools a year. They’ve failed to keep up with demand.

“Being a dad, I know parents want their children to be in the best possible learning environment.

“Transportable classrooms should only be used to cater for short term fluctuations in enrolments, currently they are being used as makeshift extensions to schools.