Bunbury’s Labor candidate Don Punch has called for a fresh look at the Bunbury Water Playground Project which has been abandoned by Council due to lack of funding.

“Bunbury clearly needs to have more quality playground and activity space for children and teenagers but it needs creativity and a sensible approach to financing to make these projects a reality,” Mr Punch said.

“There are lessons to be learned about the approach of neighbouring towns like Collie to these projects and how they can be successfully developed in a cost effective and creative way.”

Mr Punch questioned why the project was still stalled after years of planning, speculation and ratepayers’ money already spent.

“There’s strong community support for a Bunbury water playground yet no one seems to be able to get anything done. Bunbury can and must do better”, Mr Punch said.

“There has been a pattern recently of bandying around large amounts of money as a solution to a problem and then giving up when the money is not available.”

After years as head of the South West Development Commission, Mr Punch said flexibility and pragmatism were crucial to making things happen.

“A combination of sensible design and location can produce great results that will benefit families and be far more realistic in terms of cost,” he said.

“Splashing money around is not the best way to achieve a water playground and if I am elected I will work with the Bunbury City Council to find a way to build it that is affordable using the million dollars Council has already set aside.

“Bunbury has had to wait to get decent facilities for families while other towns in the South-West are forging ahead. I intend to roll my sleeves up and make sure Bunbury becomes the place to go for a great time with the family.”