BUNBURY residents should rightly question any promise made by the Nationals, following comments made by Colin Barnett this month.

Mr Barnett has tipped a bucket of cold water over potential Nationals election promises in State parliament. This month, when pressed if he would honour all Nationals election promises, he replied:

“My commitment is solely and only to deliver what I promise as Liberal Leader.”

Labor candidate for Bunbury Don Punch said Mr Barnett’s comments simply cast more doubt over every election promise made by Nationals candidates across regional WA.

“Clearly the Nationals will need the approval of Colin Barnett for any commitment they make” said Mr Punch.

“Bunbury has been at the back of the National’s queue for years,” Mr Punch said.

“Now, with an election around the corner, the promises will start rolling out. Unfortunately, they won’t be worth the paper they’re written on.”

"There are serious fractures in the Liberal and National alliance. Along with Mr Barnett refusing to guarantee Nationals promises, the Liberals have refused to support the Nationals dangerous mining tax hike", said Mr Punch.

“Clearly, the Liberals and the Nationals are out of step,” Mr Punch said.

“The right hand doesn’t know – or agree – with what the left hand is doing.”

Mr Punch said Bunbury voters would clearly remember a 2013 Nationals election promise to develop a $5million organic food industry research centre in the city. After the election, $2m was sliced from the promise and the food centre moved to Manjimup - seat of then Nationals leader Terry Redman.

“People in Bunbury have just reason to be skeptical of a Liberal National Government that is at war with itself,” Mr Punch said.