After months of speculation, the Nationals’ commitment to a Bunbury fast train amounts to nothing more than hot air, as Labor remains the only party with a plan to actually build a faster service, WA Labor’s Bunbury candidate Don Punch said today.

“There has been no progress for the past eight years under the Liberal-National coalition and now all they can come up with is yet another study,” Mr Punch said.

“This shows the Nationals are kicking this issue down the road and avoiding action. They have run up the white flag on progress.”

“We need things to happen. Instead of wasting more time and taxpayers’ money on yet more consultancies and studies I’ll make sure there is real progress on a faster Bunbury to Perth service.

“Labor is the only party with an iron-clad commitment to deliver a faster Bunbury to Perth train service. Mr Punch said that in government, Labor will:
• create a new express, non-stop rail service from Bunbury to Perth;
• invest in new, modern rail cars for the Australind service;
• review Bunbury City Transit Services to develop a plan for transport between regional centres;
• confirm sites with community input for a more central Bunbury station; and
• establish a $30million Rail Future Fund to support those future upgrades.

“$3million on further consultancy work is money that can be used to support our health and education services directly helping families and kids,” said Mr Punch.

“We will build a faster train service that will get people up and down to Bunbury at convenient times not waste time on further studies and inaction.”

You can see WA Labor’s Plan for Bunbury in full here: