The Leschnault Community Nursery is set to benefit from a $50,000 funding boost under a McGowan Labor government, Bunbury’s Labor candidate Don Punch announced during a visit to the nursery today.

For nearly twenty years the not-for-profit nursery has supplied native plants for revegetation projects in wetlands and waterways, as well as to farmers, schools and coastal rehabilitation projects.

“The Leschenault Community Nursery is such a valuable resource to Bunbury and the South West so I’m very pleased to be able to offer this much-needed support,” Mr Punch said.

“This funding boost will help to put this vital community resource on a more sustainable long-term footing so it can continue to provide native plants for many important projects into the future.

“Currently the nursery receives no government funding to supply more than 150,000 seedlings per year, which is an amazing contribution and should be better supported.

“It will also make life easier for the many volunteers who put in their valuable time to gather seeds and tend seedlings and plants to make the nursery’s work possible.”

As a former CEO of the South West Development Commission, Mr Punch said he had seen firsthand the difference native plants could make to new developments and rehabilitation works.

“Our South West has some of the most unique and beautiful plants in the world.

“Our native plants increase biodiversity while decreasing water consumption so it makes perfect sense to use them as much as possible, whether in new developments or rehabilitation.

“I look forward to the Leschenault Community Nursery continuing to play its vital role in supplying the South West with our wonderful native plants for a long time to come.”