Focus on Manufacturing great for Bunbury

19 February 2020

Positioning Greater Bunbury as a regional centre for advanced manufacturing has the potential
to deliver enormous economic benefits to our community, Don Punch MLA, Member for
Bunbury said.

“I am very pleased the South West Development Commission has taken on the idea of
establishing an advanced manufacturing and education hub in the Bunbury area and is
successfully securing broader support for the idea”, said Mr Punch.

“We must continue to diversify our regional economy and create not just new jobs but new
careers for people in Bunbury and the surrounding areas if our community is to continue to grow and thrive into the future.

“I first began talking about the importance of decentralising our industrial infrastructure to ensure the regions are able to capitalise on the economic opportunities offered by manufacturing prior to the 2017 election and have continued to advocate for Bunbury to be the home of hub for advanced manufacturing ever since.

“I know Minister MacTiernan believes the idea has merit and to see the South West
Development Commission championing the concept and actively pursuing the support of key stakeholders from the manufacturing sector and the City of Bunbury is a fantastic step forward.

“I am very hopeful the necessary support will be established to enable a feasibility study to be undertaken into what is a very exciting idea.

“Locating a common user facility for advanced manufacturing in the greater Bunbury area where participating businesses can take advantage of the opportunities offered by our skilled workforce and proximity to port and rail infrastructure would secure a new economic future for the region.

“I would like to thank Minister MacTiernan for supporting the endeavours of the South West Development Commission and congratulate all those engaging with the concept for having a positive vision for our future.”