Town Hall Meeting Minutes Aug 2023

26 August 2023


Hon. Don Punch MLA

Community Town Meeting

10am, Saturday 26 August, 2023

PCYC, Wimbledon Way, Bunbury


10.00am             Feedback from previous Town Hall Meeting


Hayes Street

Concerns were raised about the state of Hayes Street in East Bunbury and whether or not it is sinking. A request for advice was sent to the City of Bunbury, and a response has been received –


In response to the resident concerns, the City has undertaken an inspection of Hayes Street. The road has been assessed against our current reseal priorities and will not be included in the 2023/24 scheduled works as there are currently other higher priority roads.


Hayes Street will be included on the list of priority projects to be considered for future financial year reseal works, the road will be monitored and any interim maintenance works scheduled as required.


Casuarina Harbour

An attendee at the previous meeting asked why Casuarina Harbour boat ramp does not have a handrail. This question was forwarded to the office of Minister Saffioti but due to portfolio changes a response was received from Minister Michael –


I am advised that handrails are not commonly installed on boat ramps and are not required on this boat ramp under the current standards. However, I can confirm that the Department of Transport has installed isolated grab rails toward the end of the floating jetty to assist with embarking and disembarking vessels. 


Handrails can become a safety hazard when installed on abutments as they can obstruct an egress path from the ramp to the abutment, if avoiding a person/trailer conflict.


In the case of floating finger jetties, handrails can interfere with mooring lines used to hold vessels and move them along the jetties while launching and retrieving. They are also highly susceptible to vessel impact damage.


Casuarina Off Leash Dog Area

During a discussion regarding the use of our public open spaces, the issue of the off leash dog area at Casuarina was raised. A number of meeting attendees wanted to know if it would remain an off leash area when the Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront project is complete. Don wrote to the City of Bunbury and received a response.


The beach area immediately to the north of Jetty Baths adjacent to the water is vested in the City and dogs are permitted off-lead.


Due to the recent developments in the area, the City is unable to attach any signs to poles. As a result, a small sign has been affixed to the limestone wall at the site, at the point where the dog-off lead area starts.


Community engagement for dog exercise areas will occur in the future and the City will be seeking input from the community about how areas and locations around the City are used by dog owners. City Rangers try to ensure that each locality has access to dog exercises areas, both on lead and off lead.


If there are further developments planned for this area, the City may not be able to keep this area as a dog off-lead area. Should this part of the Casuarina Harbour area remain vested in the City, we will ensure that this area is included in consultation process.


10.10am             Item One – Waste Management


Waste in Bunbury is managed by the Bunbury Harvey Regional Council and the Chairperson of the Council is Tresslyn Smith.


Tresslyn agreed to attend the meeting to explain the current waste management activities being undertaken for Bunbury and to answer your questions.


Tresslyn provided an overview of the activities of the Bunbury Harvey Regional Council and some of the challenges it faces managing waste.


Stanley Road is seeking to expand to be a regional facility as no new waste facilities will be approved on the Swan Coastal Plain.


Question – Are education programmes being undertaken? Tresslyn answered Yes


Statement – Bin inspections should be undertaken to increase waste being recycled


Question – How long will a line cell last? Tresslyn answered  - The last one took more than 12 years to fill and new technology means new ones will last longer.


Question – Are there future plans for the disposal of batteries etc. Tresslyn answered - Yes plans are being developed.


Kwinana about to open a waste to energy plant but Bunbury does not yet process enough waste to develop one


Mary Dunlop– We can no longer take spray cans etc to McCoombe Road for recycling. Tresslyn was not aware and will take the question on notice.


Tresslyn – We can’t increase costs too much or people will start illegally dumping things


Question why can’t some of the waste be fed into Muja. Overseas some coal fired power station have been adapted to burn waste. Tresslyn answered – Tresslyn answered - That would require agreements with Collie  and the issue has not yet been looked into. Don responded – a waste recycling project for oils and otherwise is underway in Collie. Muja is at end of life and the entire plant would need to be rebuilt to process waste. Kwinana and Rockingham plants cost $700milion each. These facilities are not always supported by community.


Question what is the ongoing funding – operating and capital – to keep Stanley Road operating.  Tresslyn answered – The most recent inputs were $3million (capital) each from Harvey and Bunbury. The facility does make an income.


Kim Rudd – one of the men’s sheds recycle computer and make $50 000 from the enterprise. Bunbury Men’s Shed are looking at whether or not that is something they can do.



10.25am             Item Two – Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act Update


                             Don Reid and Maureen Eaton both requested this item be included on this agenda


                             Don provided an update on the repeal of the ACHA and the amendments to the 1972 Act.


                             Question – will the groups doing the assessments still be formed. Don answered - not in the same way, the State will take the lead on surveys working with Indigenous communities.



10.40am             Item Three – Government activities in Bunbury - Update


                             Don provided update


                             Albemarle is rapidly expanding, building the residential village for workers but also committed to employing drive in drive out workers locally.


                             The BORR is on track for completion at the end of 2024


                             Glen Iris – works are proceeding on the roundabout at the intersection of South Western Highway and Vittoria Road. Construction should commence before the end of the year. The structure plan for the suburb is with the WAPC. It will provide solution to traffic management at Forrest Highway and Vittoria


                             The classrooms at South Bunbury Education Support Centre are nearly complete.


                             Planning works are underway for Dalyellup College’s STEM facilities


                             Works are well underway for accessible walk ways and lookouts at the Maidens in the Kalgulup Regional Park.


                             The tender is out for major works at the Bunbury Regional Hospital. When complete, there will be an additional 400 workers at the hospital.


                             Housing continues to be an issue. Affordable housing is coming on stream in Dalyellup. Work is soon to begin on nine new units to be built in Withers


                             Work is continuing on Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront and will include new public facilities. Work is being done to open up the outer harbour and develop it for cruise shipping.


                             The Dalyellup community hub and youth centre is progressing. The tender documents are soon to be finalised.




11.00am             General Q&A


                             Question – What is happening with the Ocean Pool. Answer - It is going through Council’s consultation process. We will wait to see what the outcomes of the consultation process is and work with Council from there.


                             Question – Update on the closure of the fishing jetty? Don explained what has occurred and that he is in ongoing discussions with Minister Michael.


                             Question Maureen Eaton – Update on works at the old Killerby estate? Don will write to the Shire of Capel. Maureen happy to call herself.


                             Question David Bailey – Is there a commitment to put more affordable and public housing in Bunbury and over what time frame?  Don answered - Yes and also refurbishments and support for community housing providers. The work is ongoing without a time limit. Supply chain and labour issues to continue to impact timeframes.


                             Question - why can’t public housing needing maintenance be sold off? Don – we will not sell off any housing that can be available for social housing.


                             Question – Why do we put fluoride in the water? Bunbury has a high rate of childhood tooth decay. The decision to put fluoride in Bunbury water has been made, will not be reversed and Don supports it.


                             Question – Concerns about the Tree Street Heritage Proposal. It places a significant financial burden on residents and the process, especially consultation, has been poor. What can Don do to help? Don will attend the public meeting at the conclusion of the submission process and will form a view after that. Andrew – residents want a facilitated meeting that is genuinely consultative.


                             Question – Is Bunbury going to become a 15 minute City? Not something Don is aware of.


                             Question – E-scooters, are rules being put in place to make them more sociable? Don answered - Road rules are put in place by the state, local storage, behaviour etc are the responsibility of Council. Tresslyn will check the contract with the providers and feedback the response.


                             Mary – there is no third party insurance so Council should not have hireable e-scooters. Don will write to Min Saffioti and to Council.



11.30am             Meeting concludes